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Chemo Headwear Beanie Headwear Scarf


A Funky Edgy Tie Dye and Tear Design


Stretch fit from 54cm upwards


One Size fits most


Cotton Poly Blend



Experience comfort, style, and confidence with our Pre-Tied Headscarves for Cancer and Chemotherapy Patients, Beanie Hats, Headbands, African Headwraps, and Turbans. Embrace your beauty, inside and out, as you navigate this journey with grace. Order yours today and discover the perfect companion for your treatment.

Perfect for Chemo Hair Loss Covering, Alopecia, Female Pattern Baldness, Dress up, Winter Warmer, Crossdress, Trekking, Hiking 


Chemo Beanie Hat Headwear Cap

SKU: 1211138055
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