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Introducing our hand-finished Polynesian Tattoo Style Mug featuring a stunning Dolphin design. This unique and personalized mug is perfect for those who appreciate the art and culture of the Polynesian islands. Each mug is carefully crafted and hand-finished to ensure the highest quality. The distinct Polynesian tattoo style design adds a touch of cultural flair to this one-of-a-kind mug, making it a truly special gift for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a thoughtful present for a loved one or a unique addition to your own collection, this Polynesian Tattoo Style Mug is sure to make a lasting impression.


Stingray tattoos come in several variations and styles, the image can hold symbolic meanings. The stingray has the ability to hide in the underwater sands, mainly from sharks and is able to cover up with sand and lay still. Most sharks can sense prey in the sand based on movement but for the most part the stingray is able to hide and for this reason, it’s image is classed as a symbol of protection. 


A wonderful gift for all those skippers and sailors of boats sail and motorised.



Polynesian Tattoo Style Mug - Manta Stingray

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