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Chemo Beanie Headwear Hat Soft Cotton Feel Style Twist Plat Knotted Floral Beanie Hat Turban Head Wrap Hair Scarf 
Synthetic Fabric Stretch Cap
Cancer Hair Loss Cap Chemotherapy Hat
Has Stretch
Total Comfort
100% Polyester
Plain for you to add your own embellishments or favourite brooch if you wished too
Hair Loss
Introducing our Pre-Tied Headscarves for Cancer and Chemotherapy Patients - the perfect blend of comfort, style, and convenience. Designed with care, these headscarves are tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of those undergoing cancer treatment.
Experience comfort, style, and confidence with our Pre-Tied Headscarves for Cancer and Chemotherapy Patients. Embrace your beauty, inside and out, as you navigate this journey with grace. Order yours today and discover the perfect companion for your treatment.Customise yourself with one of our or your own embelishments or badges.

Pre Tied Scarf Chemo Headwear Beanie

SKU: Next 71717
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