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Chemo Headwear for Women UK Wide Yoga Headband


Extra Wide Yoga Headband  - Green and Blue


Approx 14cm Wide


Elasticated Headband - Ideal for hot summer days & exercise such as running and Yoga


Elasticated band Jersey Stretch Fabric


Ideal for Summer and Indoor use.


Colours may differ very slightly due to photography 


Introducing our wide yoga jersey headband & chemo headcover collection! Explore a versatile range of headbands designed to elevate your yoga experience and provide comfort during challenging times. Crafted with care and style, these headbands are perfect for yogis, athletes, those with alopecia and individuals seeking stylish headwear.

1. Extra Wide Yoga Jersey Headband: Made from soft and stretchy jersey fabric, this headband offers a wide coverage that keeps your hair in place during inversions and intense flows. Available in a variety of vibrant colors to match your style.

2. Serenity Headband: Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this headband features a beautiful knot design that adds an elegant touch to your outfits. Made from breathable jersey material, it provides a comfortable fit while staying securely in place.

3. Versatile Chemo Headcover: Suitable for both yoga enthusiasts and chemo patients, this multi-purpose headband offers full coverage and a gentle compression that helps manage hair loss during treatments. Available in soothing colors, it provides a sense of comfort and confidence.

Headband Extra Wide Yoga Soft Alopecia Bandana Headcover

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